Sunday, May 4, 2014

Did you know that there is a right way and wrong way to become a successful affiliate marketer?

It might surprise you, but most of the supposed experts on affiliate marketing are teaching you the wrong way to do it.

It generally goes something like this…

Find an affiliate offer to promote that pays a big commission
Setup a blog or website with your affiliate links
Write a bunch of articles
Create a few videos
Get some backlinks going
Make BIG Money

The basic premise to this is not so bad…

At the end of the day, it’s mostly right, and you can probably make money with the tactics mentioned above.

The problem is, you’re making it WAY too hard on yourself and you’re leaving a ton of money on the table.

The Secret to Successful Affiliate Marketing

First off, let me ask you a quick question…

Would you rather work SMARTER or HARDER?

It’s a simple question, and I’d suspect most people would answer by saying that they’d rather work SMARTER.

The big secret to succeeding and making a lot of easy money with affiliate marketing is getting repeat customers.

That’s it.

How do you do that?

Simple… you build a list of buyers.

Making the Big Bucks

When I started doing research to try to find the best program to teach me how to build a list the right way, I quickly learned that there were a lot of moving pieces to get started with affiliate marketing and building a list.

You have to…
Learn how to setup a squeeze page to capture email addresses

Become a good copywriter to get people to actually give you their email addresses
Know how to setup a website
Get hosting for you website
Find something of value to give away to entice people to give you their information
Integrate all of this with your affiliate offers

Of course, the benefits are very obvious.

If you’re building a list while you sell affiliate products, you’re able to continue to sell similar products to that same person effortlessly which means you can scale your online business faster with less traffic and make MORE MONEY.

No brainer, right?

An Easier Way…

What if there was a shortcut to getting all of this setup?

I searched and searched, and I finally found exactly what I was looking for…

Clickbank Pirate.

Here’s a link to check it out Clickbank Pirate is perfect if you’ve yet to make much money online or you’re not super tech-savvy.

They do everything for you.

Instead of just teaching you how to do it, they give you proven templates, copy, and a fully monetized sales funnel with proven squeeze pages.

That means, once you get someone in the funnel, you continue to profit over and over and over again with no effort on your part.
You literally just click a few buttons and you’re up and running.
No hosting required.

No copywriting or web design required.

It’s all done for you.

Not only that, but they give you access to campaigns that actually convert, so you don’t have to do any tedious testing or tweaking.

They’ve already done all of that for you.

It’s the first REAL business in a box that I’ve come across that actually works.

To learn more about Clickbank Pirate and how you could be earning an extra $1,000 or more, go to their website Here.
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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Free Lossless Audio Codec

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

For most people, an extra $1,000 or so per month could really make a big difference. What would $1,000 extra do for your lifestyle?

Could you payoff some credit card bills, drive a nicer car, upgrade your home, or take a great trip here and there?

Regardless of how you’d spend it, focusing on making an extra $1,000 per month is a great way to get started online. Sure, you may want to quit your day job, but you have to start somewhere.

What’s the old phrase? You have to walk before you can run, right?

Where to Start

I recently stumbled across a program that’s made exactly for someone that’s looking to make $1,000 or more per month and scale things up from there.

It’s called Clickbank Pirate.

Here’s a link if you want to check it out:
The really great thing about this program is that it takes failure out of the equation completely.

You Can’t Fail...

Most people that decide to promote Clickbank affiliate programs fail because they’re looking for a magic button.

Let me tell you right now... Clickbank Pirate is NOT a magic button. You will not get rich overnight. Most of the “gurus” promoting those get rich overnight type of programs are lying to you. They’re either leaving something out, or they’re blowing smoke.

Big money can be made online, but it takes work to find a successful campaign.

That’s where Clickbank Pirate comes in. They’ve spent countless hours testing and tweaking to come up with campaigns that are proven to convert. Instead of just teaching you how to do  it, they give you a business in a box with all of the tested and proven campaigns, squeeze pages, and giveaway reports they’ve used to make money.

You don’t have to write a single word. All you have to do is send traffic to the squeeze pages using the exact methods they teach.
Many of the methods to generate traffic are free and can have you making money in as little as a few minutes.

No Technical Skills Required

If you’re relatively new to internet marketing, you’re probably nervous about putting a website online. One of the best things I discovered about Clickbank Pirate is that they host everything.

After you get started, you get access to a unique member’s only area that has all of your tools. You simply click a few buttons, utilize the free traffic resources they provide, and you can literally be earning money in as little as 15 minutes.

Clickbank Pirate is, by far, one of the easiest to use programs I’ve seen to start generating money right away.

On top of getting multiple proven campaigns and everything you need to start making money, they’re giving a lot of bonuses right now for the first few people to get started.

Go check out the reviews and learn more about Clickbank Pirate before they close the doors.

Here’s a link:

If you aren’t earning at least $1,000 per month online, I highly recommend that you check it out today.
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Promosi adalah hal yang paling utama untuk sebuah bisnis.

Semua orang pasti mau punya bisnis, baik skala kecil, sedang ataupun besar, bisnis sampingan, paruh waktu ataupun bisnis utama, baik bisnis offline, online ataupun keduanya (bisnis offline & online), siapapun anda dan apapun bisnis anda promosikan bisnis anda di Directory PORTAL Bisnis Indonesia, caranya sangat-sangat mudah, hanya dengan empat langkah, lebih lengkap ikuti langkahnya di SINI.
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Tulisan ini dianggap perlu dicatat di Online Diary of Mine, diambil dari Sini

Bagi Pemilik Bisnis yang berada di Indonesia, kesempatan untuk kita semua mempromosikan Bisnis di salah satu PORTA Bisnis yang berada di Pemilik Bisnis Indonesia, seperti tulisan berikut ini yang diambil langsung dari Situs Directory PORTAL Bisnis Indonesia.
Pemilik Bisnis Indonesia sebagai Directory PORTAL Bisnis Indonesia memberikan fasilitas gratis memasukkan informasi Bisnis anda ke dalam katalog yang terlah tersedia, dengan fasilitas ini bisnis anda akan mudah ditemukan dan diharapkan akan meningkatka bisnis itu sendiri.
Katalog Pemilik Bisnis Indonesia Directory PORTAL Bisnis indoesia telah diintgrasikan dengan GOOGLE MAP, sehingga dalam pencarian Informasi bisnis dilengkapi dengan Navigasi berupa peta dari Google Map yang akan mengacu pada Alamat Bisnis ada dalam hal ini dengan kode nilai GPS berdasarkan alamat yang ada tulis. untuk memberikan akurasi dalam pecarian Bisnis anda, ada baiknya anda DAFTARKAN LOKASI BISNIS ANDA DI GOOGLE MAP dengan mengikuti langkah berikut :
  1. Buka
  2. Login Akun Google Anda (Daftar disii bila belum memiliki akun Google)
  3. Anda Harus menyetujui Syarat dan ketentuan (gambar Nomor 1 yang dilingkari).
  4. Selanjutnya Pilih Add Listing (gamar Nomor 2 yang dilingkari)
  5. Selanjutnya Ketik Nama Bisnis / Prusahaan anda pada bar pecarian (Gambar No. 3 yang dilingkari) dan Enter atau klik Tombol Pencarian  Gambar Kaca Pembesar.
  6. Bila Belum ada Prusahaan Anda pada Marker yang ditampilkan Google Map, Pilih No, These are not my businesses (Gambar No. 4 yang dilingkari).
  7. Lanjutkan dengan pengisian alamat, nomor telpon dll yang diperlukan (ikuti pentunjuk yang tampil di layar). Hingga pengeisian selesai dan Prusahaan anda akan tampil di Google Map setelah anda Terverifikasi.
Dengan menDAFTARKAN LOKASI BISNIS ANDA DI GOOGLE MAP, pencarian prusahaan anda akan mudah dan akurat.
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